HSC’s acquisition of the Erie/Lackawanna Train Station

Human Services Center (HSC) is excited to announce that it is in the process of acquiring the ‘Train Station”, formerly the location of the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce.  HSC owns numerous properties in Lawrence County that serve as sites for the administration and provision of Behavioral Health Services. These properties have followed the Keystone Principles for Growth for Pennsylvania.  The close proximity of the Shenango Street Station to HSC’s main offices on North Street will provide easy access to them.  During this transition, HSC will determine the best use for the station.  Further, HSC is exploring the possibility of having the caboose, that is located on the periphery of the property, relocated closer to the train station itself.  Local artist, Larry Macri, and approximately 15 volunteer New Castle High School students, will complete a restoration process that includes cleaning and painting of the caboose.  HSC is one of the largest community mental health centers in Western Pennsylvania.  “We also take great pride in being good community citizens”, stated Dr. Dennis Nebel, HSC’s Executive Director.  “The Train Station is a very important community asset.  We want to insure that it is well maintained and continues, in its own way, to serve our community”


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