Lawrence County Peer Leadership Banquet 2019

On May 8, 2019 Lawrence County Peer Leadership celebrated its annual Peer Leadership Recognition Banquet. This event marked 23 years of the Lawrence County Peer Leadership Program and over fifteen hundred students that have been trained since 1995. The event was held at The Villa Banquet Center. Daniel Barnes, Director of Lawrence County Peer Leadership served as the moderator for this celebration. Sixty-six sophomore students from Lawrence County schools were recognized for their service to our schools and community. Each of these students participated in three days of training this school year. The training was designed to educate the students in the qualities of leadership, empathy for others, communication skills, and multi-cultural awareness. Students were then challenged to “make a difference” in their homes, schools, and communities, as individuals, and as a group. Students also learned to identify the problems and pursue the solutions to the issues that challenge teenagers today. At the banquet, selected students from each of our schools were asked to speak on “what it means to be a Peer Leader”. It was the highlight of the evening.
The Human Services Center, where Daniel Barnes works as Coordinator of its Student Assistance Program, has provided the administration and coordinated this program since 1995. A dedicated staff from the Drug and Alcohol Commission and Cray Youth and Family Services work with this program as well. Back in their schools, these peer leaders join with others already trained and are part of a Peer Leadership Club. Each club has committed advisors who provide them guidance and help coordinate activities that benefit our community. Below is a list of the 2018/2019 Peer Leaders who did presentations and Peer Leaders and Advisors that were recognized at this banquet.

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