Crisis Intervention Case Worker- Part Time

Crisis Intervention Staff are responsible for:

  • Telephone Services
  • Walk-In Services
  • Mobile Services
  • Information and referral
  • Assessments
  • Risk and Diagnostic
  • Triage
  • Centralized scheduling
  • Case management

Specific responsibilities include:

  1. Responsible for Telephone Crisis Services. Address the needs of callers utilizing the crisis phone line.  Services include assessment for further crisis or routine services, resolution of problem during phone call, crisis counseling, referral to other community agencies/resources and follow-up.
  2. Responsible for Walk-In Crisis Service. See walk-ins who present themselves to the Center who are in crisis or who seek services for a person in crisis.  Services might include assessment, completion of the initial contact, crisis counseling, referral to other community agencies/resources, crisis intake, completing safety plans with hospital discharges, and monitoring and follow-up.
  3. Responsible for Mobile Crisis Service.  Be available to go to and provide services at the place where the person in crisis is located.  Services will include assessment, crisis counseling, referral to other community agencies/resources, monitoring and follow-up, telephone inquiries, completing safety plans with hospital discharges, and making referral to appropriate services.
  4. Must be able to establish and maintain positive working relationships with many community resources including law enforcement, emergency medical services, hospital personnel and community agencies.
  5. Obtaining information via face-to-face contact or telephone to make determination regarding appropriate treatment. These may include, but are not limited to: demographics; presenting problem; assessment of risk. Requires entry of data into HSC’s electronic health record.
  6. Obtaining insurance, medical, and financial information.
  7. Complete initial contact information and authorization paperwork in HSC’s electronic health record.
  8. Determines appropriate service provider and schedules intake appointments based on clinical, demographic, and payor requirements to establish the most appropriate treatment.
  9. May complete diagnostic intake assessments as needed, service plans, and designated paperwork requirements.
  10. Ensures needed reports are made to the Lawrence County MH/DS office in relation to involuntary hospitalizations.
  11. Achieve and maintain county delegate status.
  12. Completing financial liabilities as needed in the agencies electronic health record.
  13. Casemanagement duties to include, but not limited to: updating client information, financial information, required documentation.
  14. Working assigned hours as determined by supervisor.
  15. Attending orientation, staff training, and supervision.
  16. Verifies client eligibility- retrieves Promise enrolment information; updates the individual’s eligibility information in the electronic health record as needed.
  17. Meeting access standards as defined by regulatory bodies.
  18. This person performs other related duties as may be required or requested by the Executive Director and/or his designee.

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