Adolescent Partial Hospitalization

The Pinnacle Partial Hospitalization Program is a school-based comprehensive partial hospitalization program for adolescents, grades 7-12. The target population is adolescents who need more intensive and more frequent treatment than outpatient services. Youth accepted into this program participate in mental health treatment six hours a day, five days a week. An education component is provided by the New Castle School District.


In Pinnacle, adolescents participate in group therapy and individual/family counseling as needed. Classroom instruction is coordinated with each adolescent’s home school district.

The purpose of the Pinnacle Partial Hospitalization Program is to provide daytime treatment and education to adolescents who have a moderate to severe difficulty in their interpersonal relationships. The aim of the program is to eliminate or reduce the emotional/social difficulties, which interfere with the adolescent’s ability to function in their home, school, and community.

Typically, adolescents will be in Pinnacle for three to five months. Upon completion of their treatment goals, they will return to their home school district. (Therapy often continues on an outpatient basis to assist in transition.) One of the important outcomes of Pinnacle is avoiding hospitalization. Participation in a day treatment program enables the adolescent to avoid the disruptions associated with a hospitalization.

Pinnacle staff members are comprised of behavioral health care professionals, including a board-certified psychiatrist.  Educational personnel are provided by the New Castle School District.

For further information, please contact:
Brenda Thompson, M.Ed.
Coordinator, Partial Program
(724) 698-3347
Fax: (724) 656-1325

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