Case Management

Case Management Services may be offered as the primary mental health service a client may receive at Human Services Center. Or, they may be used to supplement or support other services offered by HSC.


Blended Case Management (BCM) Services are reserved for clients (adults and children) who have a serious mental illness. BCM case managers are assigned a limited caseload which enables them to develop a close relationship with clients. Supportive interventions and day-to-day assistance with a wide range of problems are provided. Staff also act as advocates in assisting clients in gaining access to needed services.

Program Coordination
Case managers work closely with other agencies and organizations to ensure that the needs of HSC clients are addressed in comprehensive manner. Wherever possible, the client’s natural support system of family members, neighbors, and friends is utilized to assist the client in meeting his or her treatment objectives.

Case managers work with clients in non-traditional or “natural” settings outside the confines of the Center. The services provided by case managers may, for example, take place in the client’s home, a shopping mall, or in a recreational setting. This reflects two key components of case management services – utilizing community resources and promoting the integration of clients into the larger community.

At a minimum, case managers hold a bachelor’s degree in the behavioral sciences and are supervised by mental health professionals with advanced degrees.

For further information, please contact:

Matthew D. Nord, MA, LPC

Director, Clinical Services
(724) 510-3271
Fax: (724) 654-6627

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