Child Partial Hospitalization

Brighter Visions is a school-based, partial hospitalization program for children, ages 6 – 12 who are experiencing behavior problems at school, home, and in the community. Brighter Visions combines education and behavioral health treatment. Teachers, aides, and mental health therapists work together to maintain the child within the school, community, and home. A staff psychiatrist is available for on-site services for children and families and consultation with staff members. Family members are important to the comprehensive treatment each student receives.


The purpose of Brighter Visions is to provide an intensive day treatment/education program that can assist students in learning skills that will enable them to be re-integrated within the school setting and to handle difficult situations in their natural environment.

The therapy component is provided by the Human Services Center while the educational component is provided by the New Castle Area School District. A combination of education and therapy occur during the 6-hour day. Therapeutic activities address issues such as social skills, coping skills, anger management skills, and conflict resolution skills. The educational activities are addressed through the child’s IEP (Individualized Education Program) and/or Home School District.

The goal of the program is to assist the child in developing the necessary skills to meet with success in his/her home, school, and community. One of the important outcomes of Brighter Visions is that the child’s behavior is such that he/she can return to his/her assigned classroom. Participation in a day treatment program enables the child to remain in this home community and to avoid the disruptions of a psychiatric hospitalization or alternate educational placements. Each student’s length of stay in the program is determined by his/her success in meeting the treatment goals to return to a more normalizing education setting. A transition component allows the child to be gradually re-integrated with his peers.

Brighter Visions staff members are comprised of behavioral health care professionals, including a board-certified psychiatrist. Educational personnel are provided by the New Castle School District.

For further information, please contact:
Brenda Thompson
Coordinator, Partial Program
(724) 698-3347
Fax: (724) 656-1325

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