Developmental Services

Developmental  Services are designed to meet the needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities and/or developmental disabilities from birth to death. These services are available to individuals presenting with an IQ score of 70 and below or under the age of nine and demonstrating developmental delays.


Early Intervention

Human Services Center Early Intervention (EI) Service Coordination is provided for infants and toddlers, age birth through two who reside in Lawrence County.  EI is the practice of identifying and addressing developmental delays, disabilities, and the unique needs of children and their families/caregivers in early life.  Our goal is to help you help your child develop to his/her fullest potential.  Referral process or to gain more additional information, please call 724-658-6064.

Supports Coordination Services

Supports Coordination Services are designed to assist in locating, coordinating, and monitoring services while promoting the principles of Everyday Lives.  The values and principles of Everyday Lives communicates that, with the support of family and friends, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities have the freedom to choose how they will live their lives. Referral process to begin supports coordination services starts by contacting the Lawrence County Mental Health/Developmental Services office at 724-656-1246

Supports Coordinator (SC) meets with the individual and family to complete an assessment based of needs based on eligibility.  An Individual Service Plan (ISP) is created to identify the needs, desires, and outcomes for the individual.  The SC provides assistance to the individual and family members in identifying, arranging, and monitoring services and supports.  SC’s can also assist individuals and families in locating various natural supports and resources within their community.

Accessing Financial Assistance

Your SC can assist you with applying for Home and Community Based Waiver funding.  This is based on eligibility and need and can assist individuals with leading an Everyday Life through supports funded by waiver.

For further information, please contact:
Ashley Petrucci
Supports Coordination and EI Supervisor
Phone: (724) 498-0719
Fax: (724) 654-654-6627

Deena DeFrank
Supports Coordination Supervisor
Phone:  (724) 510-3336
Fax:  (724) 658-6480

Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Office of Developmental Programs (ODP)

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