Mobile Medication Services

The Mobile Medication Services of HSC are available to individuals who have difficulty managing medications on their own. The service provides support, education, and skill building for individuals to become independent and responsible for their medications.

To be eligible for the program the individual must be 18 years or older with a psychiatric diagnosis, a history of inpatient psychiatric hospitalizations, and be a resident of Lawrence County.

Through this program individuals will, through a series of steps, acquire the skills to manage their medication in a responsible and consistent manner. One of the expected outcomes of this program is a reduced need for hospitalization.

Program Design
The program is designed in a six-step system:

  • Step One is the most intense as the individual will be visited for every dose of medication ordered.
  • Step Two is a daily visit.
  • Step Three is a visit three times a week.
  • Step Four is a visit twice a week.
  • Step Five is a once a week visit.
  • Step Six is a weekly phone call to keep in contact with the individuals for support before they are discharged from the program.

Each case is different and is evaluated for the individual’s needs.

Program Coordination
The staff members interface with every clinical department of HSC to ensure that medication is properly managed and the aspects of an individual’s mental health are considered and incorporated in the delivery of services. Staff members also consult with area hospitals and primary care physicians for continuity of care and referrals.

The staff is comprised of a psychiatric nurse manager and mental health workers, all of whom have knowledge of medications and experience in the psychiatric field. Staff members regularly attend continuing education programs to keep abreast of developments in behavioral health, especially, psychotropic medications.

For further information or referrals, please contact:
Joni Cook, RN-BC
Director of Nursing
(724) 658-3578 Extension 209
Fax: (724) 657-1836

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