Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services is designed to assist persons with serious mental health issues develop the skills and access the resources necessary to be successful and satisfied in the living, learning, working and social environments of their choice.

Adults, 18 years and older, whose day to day lives have been disrupted by mental illness, such as Major Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, etc., will be afforded the opportunity to design a course of treatment that will address their own individual needs, consistent with their hopes, dreams and beliefs.

Program Design/Outcomes
This voluntary, recovery oriented program builds on the strengths and capabilities of individuals and promotes wellness and independence through both site based group activities and mobile programs in the community. An individualized rehabilitation plan based upon the person’s functioning and readiness for change is the basis for identification of the desired outcomes related to living, learning, working and social skills.

Staff members will encourage participants to develop their own natural supports to aid in the recovery process by utilizing family and peer supports as well as community groups and resources. The overall goal of the service is to empower the individual to understand the impact of their illness on their life, and to develop the skills and resources to manage their own lives as effectively as possible.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services requires knowledge of mental health, community resources and recovery principles. Staff members must complete specific training and licensing as Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioners within two years of providing the service.

For further information or referrals, please contact:

Wendy Ferry
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services Director
Phone:  (724) 510-3291     Fax: (724) 658-8242

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