Residential & Vocational Services

HSC can help.  The underlying assumption of Human Services Center’s housing program is that clients who have unsuitable living conditions can be expected to experience greater difficulty in establishing or maintaining good mental health and that it is part of the Center’s mission to respond to the individual’s need for housing.  To that end, the Human Services Center offers a variety of programs and services in the area of housing.  HSC’s housing initiatives are closely integrated with the clinical services offered by the center.  Clinical staff members are aware of the housing options and services offered and, when appropriate, are included in the client’s service plan.

HSC’s housing units are licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  HUD also ensures that housing developed with their funds confirm to federal standards for decent, safe and sanitary housing.

HSC provides a number of vocational and employment programs.  These programs provide training and employment opportunities for HSC enrolled clients. Programs and training are tailored to the skill and ability level of the clients. Regardless of the amount or type of work performed, it has a demonstrable and positive impact upon the clients’ self-esteem, sense of self-worth, purpose, and recovery.

All questions of interest regarding Residential and Vocational Services should be directed to Ron Haywood, Director of Residential and Community Living at 724-498-0709.

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