Residential Services

The Human Services Center provides a broad array of housing and vocational/training options for individuals with a history of, as well as current, mental health difficulties. These options range from independent, individual apartment living through fully supervised group living sites in both urban rural settings. While the goal of housing options is to stabilize and aid individuals in their journey to live independently, it is recognized that, for some individuals, long-term care is a necessity. HSC’s programming further recognizes the importance of a fulfilling work experience in the lives of those who reside in the housing programs. It is often a fundamental part of their recovery. Thus HSC’s vocational programming is a significant part of the programs provided. The options listed reflect the varied choices currently available.

All questions of interest regarding HSC’s Housing Services should be directed to Ron Haywood, Director of Residential and Community Living at 724-498-0709.

Supervised Care


Edgewood is a fully supervised, 10 bed, rural based, residential program for individuals with serious psychiatric difficulties. Admission is directly from inpatient psychiatric care. This program’s focus is a step down from hospital care, leading to stabilization, and ultimately less intensive community and/or residential care.


Westfield is a fully supervised, 8 bed, rural based, residential program for individuals with serious psychiatric difficulties. Typically, they have an extensive history of mental health treatment including numerous acute as well as extended hospital stays.


Caritas is a fully supervised, 11 bed residential program. The rural based program is located on 41 acres in Slippery Rock Township. This program serves individuals with a history of serious psychiatric difficulties that have been treated with a variety of methods including acute and long term hospital care. On site vocational programming for the residents includes Canine Cuts Animal Grooming/Shelter/Kennel, raising alpacas, weaving, and farm product management.


Supportive and Independent Living

Fairweather Lodges

The Human Services Center’s Fairweather Lodge Program is a 34 bed, residential program located at five sites throughout the New Castle area. These are congregate living sites that are administered by the residents who have a history of mental health treatment. Resident governance includes oversight of admission, supports, every day living and discharge. Residents are required to be employed commensurate with their skill levels at a minimum of 10 hours per week.

Ellwood City Apartments

The Human Services Center provides sixteen (16) single room occupancy (SRO) apartments on Lawrence Avenue in Ellwood City, PA. This setting provides for single apartment, congregate living with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. The rents are subsidized by HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.)

Apartment Living

The Human Services Center provides a large array of independent apartment living options. Currently there are forty (40) apartments located in a variety of different settings. The majority of these apartments are for individual adults only. However, a few apartments can accommodate small families or married couples. The rents are modest and often subsidized by government (e.g., HUD – The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) in order to further provide access to affordable, comfortable, and safe apartment living.

Transitional Living

The Human Services Center operates two facilities. The first facility houses up to six adults who are homeless. Persons stay until they gain the skills and resources to move into more permanent living quarters. The second facility is for up to three persons with chronic mental illness who need significant support to be maintained in the community. These individuals may transition to a more structured setting or into one with less structure.

Certified Peer Specialist

This program provides support, encouragement and guidance to consumers during their recovery. The staff are comprised of individuals who have received services from the mental health system, have made significant strides in their own recovery, and have received extensive training regarding pertinent/effective strategies to overcome the impact of mental health difficulties.

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