Vocational Services

The Human Services Center provides a number of vocational and employment programs.  These programs provide training and employment opportunities for HSC enrolled clients. Programs and training are tailored to the skill and ability level of the clients. Regardless of the amount or type of work performed, it has a demonstrable and positive impact upon the clients’ self-esteem, sense of self-worth, purpose, and recovery.

Interested parties should contact Ron Haywood, Director of Residential and Community Living at 724-498-0709.

Fairweather Janitorial Services

This is a client-managed, client-provided janitorial service for area businesses.

Westwood Enterprises

Westwood Enterprises is a rural based business that includes leaf recycling/processing, the cultivation and sale of vegetables and flowers, handmade crafts, woodworking, and the sale of preserved fruits and vegetables.

Caritas Weaving Loft

The Caritas Weaving Loft sells a variety of products that are handmade by clients from the fleece from Angora rabbits and alpacas.

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